Many companies come to the Internet to make their business a copy of what already exists, and that only leads to that business remains in the shadow of who inspired it.

But it is not only about being original to be able to give a different offer to our market but because Google punishes duplicate content, also called thin content. In fact, it is one of the causes of the many penalties that this search engine can give you.

You should consider that all the content on your website must be written by yourself to ensure that you have not copied anything from anywhere else; in addition, the videos and images must be original.

It does not cost you anything to do that, simply some time, but that guarantees you to offer valuable content through your website, and that web search engines such as Google take it into account and give you the good web positioning that all that effort deserves.

Although not all SEO advice is about the content of your website, I do anticipate that the content of your website should be your first strength at the SEO level and bet on web positioning. If your web content isn’t flawless, everything else is useless!

The creation of your web page is one thing, and quite another is the web positioning of it. You must understand that the content is positioned according to the search parameters, which, in this case, are known as keywords or keywords.

Remember that all those who have businesses similar to yours on the Internet will go for the most searched and frequent keywords in web search engines, such as Google. Therefore those are the keywords that have more competition at the level of web positioning. That said, you should ask yourself if you are going to enter that competition, or will you focus on less popular, less competitive keywords, but with which you will get results, perhaps not as impressive, but more quickly.

It is also important that you do not overload the content of your website with keywords; search engines are not dumb! They know that you want to appear first in the search results and, therefore, penalize the excess of keywords in the web content to give more value to other things such as the quality of the content in front of the user and the reputation of your web page.

Google Analytics is key to your marketing strategy; it is a free Google tool, and it is essential to study the results of your efforts to apply all these SEO tips and improve the positioning of your website.

With this tool, you obtain the metrics to measure SEO, or what is the same, important data that will help you adjust your web positioning strategies.

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